Horned Ewe Lambs for Sale (Updated 12-13-17)
TCE 158E

Stock ID: TCE 158E

B5H, black, horned, single. 66% AI, Vali, Blettur, Eldar and Grimur bloodlines. Well built with good size.

Sire: TCE 035C AI Dam: TCE 657Y

TCE 175E

Stock ID: TCE 175E

B2H, black gray, horned, single to a 1 winter ewe. 57% AI, Vali and Visur major bloodlines.

Sire: TCE 035C AI Dam: TCE 103D

TCE 215E

Stock ID: TCE 215E

B2H, black gray, horned, single. 66% AI, Hergill and many AI ram bloodlines.

Sire: TCE 118D AI Dam: TCE 880A

TCE 216E

Stock ID: TCE 216E

B2H, black gray, horned, twin. 65% AI, Drifandi, Mango, Bjalki and Grimur major bloodlines. Not a big lamb but very well built.

Sire: TCE 084D AI Dam: TCE 620X

TCE 219E

Stock ID: TCE 219E

ON HOLD!!! B5H, black, horned, twin to a 1 winter ewe. 84 % AI, Salamon, Vali, Gramann and Raftur bloodlines. Born 4-7-17

Sire: TCE 035C AI Dam: PRI 002D AI

TCE Horned Ram Lambs For Sale (Updated 10-19-17)
TCE 159E

Stock ID: TCE 159E

B5H, black, horned, twin. 82 % AI, Salamon, Myrkvi and Grabotni major bloodlines. Very meaty conformation.

Sire: TCE 032C AI Dam: TCE TCE 055C AI


Stock ID: TCE 182E AI

Sire: Bjalki Dam: TCE 012C AI

TCE 196E

Stock ID: TCE 196E

B2SH, black gray spotted, horned, twin. Grabotni and Blettur major AI bloodlines.

Sire: TCE 044C AI Dam: TCE 943B AI

TCE 205E

Stock ID: TCE 205E

O1H, white, carries solid or gray, horned, twin. 66% AI, Throttur, Salamon, Raftur and Bjalki bloodlines. Well muscled with good body length.

Sire: TCE 134D Dam: TCE 933B AI

TCE Polled Ram Lambs For Sale (Updated 10-19-17)
TCE 213E

Stock ID: TCE 213E

O1P, white, carries solid or mouflon, polled, twin.

Sire: TCE 615X Dam: TCE 976B AI

TCE Adult Rams For Sale (Updated 10-19-17)

Stock ID: TCE 118D AI

O1H, white, carries gray or solid, horned, twin.

Sire: Hergill Dam: TCE 684Y

Nitrogen Tank For Sale

Stock ID: CT-20

CT-20 Liquid Nitrogen Tank is a popular mid-sized tank holding 20 litres of nitrogen with a holding time of 140 days. This was the import tank used for the 2013 import from Iceland. Used only one time. New price is $459. Shipping is extra. Go to www.ctcryogenics.com for details.