Welcome to The Creek's Edge, where we raise purebred Icelandic Sheep for breeding stock, meat and fiber.

Our small farm is located along Rapid Creek, just east of Rapid City and the beautiful Black Hills of western South Dakota. We practice rotational grazing on our irrigated pastures. This allows the flock to have a consistent source of high quality pasture at all times.

The flock is fed only the grass and hay that is produced on our farm and neighboring farms. We started our flock in the fall of 1999 and it has grown to between 50-60 breeding ewes and consists of both horned and polled animals of many different colors and patterns.

We strive to produce animals with excellent meat conformation, heavy muscling and a lean carcass without sacrificing wool quality and productivity. In the fall of 2005, we incorporated artificial insemination into our breeding program. The new technique of Vaginal AI using frozen semen was developed by Dr Thorsteinn Olaffson of Iceland. Prior to this, AI in sheep was only accomplished using Lathroscopic AI, which is a very invasive and stressful procedure for the animal. Using AI allows us to use semen from the very best rams Iceland has to offer.

Our flock is enrolled in the Voluntary Federal Scrapie Certification Program and received certification status in August of 2005. Our number is SD22.

Please enjoy your visit to our site and feel free to contact us with any questions. If you are vacationing in the Black Hills or would like to make a special trip to see the flock, let us know. Visitors are always welcome.

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